ESSIL Connected Worlds

January 2020 | Session 2

This data visualization is a visual recap of a visit to the New York Hall of Science Connected Worlds Exhibit. The session video shows an abstracted video of the space, the placement of the logs and the water flow. The water line graph shows the changes in water in each environment over time. The bar graphs show the amount of water, and the number of plants and animals in each enviroment at the session time.

Use the graph control buttons to show and hide environment data.

Session Time
Session Video

★ Click to play/pause video. Shows water flow and log positions.

Graph Control Buttons

★ Click on the environment name to show or hide its information. Click on increasing, decreasing, and rainfall for water line graph. They highlight on major time segments for when the water is increasing, decreasing, or increasing due to rainfall. This is available for one environment at a time.

Water Line Graph

★ Click on line graph to jump to that time. The black vertical line tracks the session time.

Bar Graphs

★ Shows water, animals, and plants at the current session time.